Age for first kiss?

I really dont think there is some sort of age restriction for kissing. I had mine at 12 and my friend had his a year younger, yea he had his at 11 and he didn't turn into some weirdo. even though kissing at that age still sounds a bit strange. My opinion is that people should loosen up, its just lips touching lips. And what about disney princess books? almost everyone of them has a prince kissing the princess and parents let kids read them and those kids are fine. You should trust your son, if he is going to grow up and become a man he should be capable of making good decisions and not go have sex.  Anyways kids around that age usually find anything related to sex, hormone and puberty really disgusting and repulsive. So unless your son is not someone who you would think is mature and responsible enough to handle these kind of things you should just relax. 


  1. Nothing wrong with kissing!!!

  2. Kissing is very loving. Shows a lot about how you feel. I kissed first time at 11. Never will forget it. Awesome.


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