Age for first kiss?

I really dont think there is some sort of age restriction for kissing. I had mine at 12 and my friend had his a year younger, yea he had his at 11 and he didn't turn into some weirdo. even though kissing at that age still sounds a bit strange. My opinion is that people should loosen up, its just lips touching lips. And what about disney princess books? almost everyone of them has a prince kissing the princess and parents let kids read them and those kids are fine. You should trust your son, if he is going to grow up and become a man he should be capable of making good decisions and not go have sex.  Anyways kids around that age usually find anything related to sex, hormone and puberty really disgusting and repulsive. So unless your son is not someone who you would think is mature and responsible enough to handle these kind of things you should just relax. 

More bois coming out :)


13-year-old comes out as bisexual in the most adorable, nerdy way

Coming out as a young teen to your parents can be an intimidating prospect. One 13-year-old boy found a clever and adorably nerdy way to come out to his as bisexual.
A man shared the story to Reddit with a post to r/lgbt titled, “So my 13 year old step son came out today. This is how he did it…”

He shared what his stepson’s letter translated to:
So decoded it reads (with his errors)
‘Before you read the next letter please don’t talk about the subject to me or anyone else within twelve hours of reading it. This has taken a lot of nerves to write what you are about to read.
‘Well to start with I am well you see I am bysexual and someone called Kyle asked me out and well I said yes so we have been going out now since Tuesday twenty eighth of June. I don’t know what to say but am feeling a little awkward right now.’
The man said he had some fun with “bysexual,” reporting that he called his “other half ‘buy-sexual’ for the pleasure she derives from shopping.”
A commenter had suggested that perhaps being “bysexual” is when you are bi for someone named Kyle.
The letter was not only effective, it was well received, the stepfather who posted it reported.
“He is so happy and, once we established Kyle wasn’t 40, so were we!” he said. “So happy wanted to share!”
We’re glad he did. It is always uplifting to hear a story of parents accepting their LGBTQ children, especially when it is as charming a tale as this one.

13 year old gay boy needs an answer

I'm a gay 13 year old, and theres this guy that I really like. I just met him 2 weeks ago, but from when I first met him, I had a major crush on him. He's sweet, funny, interesting, and super cute. I just love being around him, and when he smiles at me, I get butterflies in my stomach. In a good way. The thing is, I'm not sure if he's gay. We both like theater, and he always likes talking to me more than other people. We have a ton of jokes, and he smiles at me and he always fixes his hair in the cutest way. I'm not sure if he's flirting or if he's just a sweet guy. What should I do?

Possible answers:

I was pretty much in the same boat and there were no clues, except I had know n him all year and was in his class the previous year. I suggest not to act on anything as you really have no idea and he may take offense to it or whatever. So, I told my friend I was gay, and I figured if he was too, then he would tell me, and that he would act on that but nothing ever happened. 

I think you should try to hang out with him more, outside of school possibly, where you both can be alone together but otherwise and most importantly, get to know him better as a person, and a friend, regardless of what his sexuality might be, these things take time.

I think that you should take things slow, since you aren't sure what his reaction to this will be because you aren't sure if he is gay or not.

You can start out by becoming his friend. You have the common interest of theater, which is really great and something you can start with. From there you can get to know him even more and find out some of his other interests and what he likes and dislikes, and he can do the same about you. Then the two of you will be able to trust each other more and you will be able to tell him that you are gay. Maybe telling him will allow him to feel comfortable down the line with telling you that he is gay, IF he is. If he is straight, then the two of you will be able to stay friends at least, which is great.

So basically, hang out a bit outside of school and just get to know each other a bit more, and take things slowly. Build up a friendship and when you are both comfortable with each other, go from there.